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Hi! I'm Liz and this is my wwworld, dedicated to the very best of the web. As an avid and discerning surfer, my goal is to save you innumerable wasted hours getting unstuck from frames, backing out of bad sites, and finding dead links. Every link on this site was carefully chosen with a number of factors in mind. But sites come and go and move around all the time, so if you happen to find a bad link, please let me know.

You'll also find on subsequent visits that this site is evolving on a regular basis. There's plenty of original content all over the place with new stuff being added, and changes being made, all the time. Don't be surprised to find pages completely reworked on a return visit -- I'm funny that way.

This site is my hobby and a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it and visit often.

What prompted me to learn HTML?

A visit to Dan's Web Tips, where after reading every extremely informative page, lover of logic that I am, I knew that web design, in a logical fashion, was for me. Dan's tips really just put everything into perspective for me. And after you've read them, you'll feel smug knowing the how's and why's of HTML, especially when you start noticing that even many of the big commercial sites are filled with logical errors (Boy was that a surprise!).

Fact is, HTML is very easy to learn, fun to use, and all you really need is a text editor (I use WordPad). Check out my WWWebing page for more of what I've discovered about getting around and publishing on the web, and remember this formula:

Use of Logic + Good Design = Better Pages

"Better pages" meaning pages that are accessible and readable by the majority of browsers, download quickly enough that your reader doesn't give up and leave before they load, and most importantly, doesn't frustrate the reader with unnecessary use of frames, sounds, excessive or overly large graphics, or anything else that is annoying to most surfers, like large sound files or an overload of java that crashes their browser, or not being able to back out of a page. You want your visitor to come back, not flee!

Anyway, if you've been thinking of having your own site, I hope my site prompts you to take advantage of the wealth of resources available online and get started! (Don't forget to send me a link!)


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