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search engines
searching for newsgroups

software sites and archives

resources for web designers
graphics and sounds

web resources and organizations
useful resources for readers and writers
news on the web, a media wonderland

...search engines
There are many ways to find what you're looking for on the World Wide Web. Here's the best of what I've found so far:

Alta Vista
One of the largest and most widely used general purpose search engines on the net. They have a help page that really helps you get the most out of searching the Internet.

Ask Jeeves!
Go ahead. Ask him anything. This is one of the most ingenious search engines on the 'net, plus it's fun.

The Big Book
A nationwide yellow pages search engine powered by the GTE Superpages.

Copernic is a search agent freeware program with plenty of extra features that simultaneously searches multiple sources and refines your results the way you want them.

FedStats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
This is an efficent government search engine that searches more than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government and produces statistics of interest to the public. (hmmm... how often do you see the words "efficient" and "government" used in the same sentence?)

My home page and the best search engine on the 'net.

Yellow and white pages online.

Search Engine Showdown Search Engine Showdown
The users guide to searching the web.

Search Engine Watch
Everything you ever wanted to know about search engines.

Returns the best results from the top search engines.

This free software program "ferrets" out exactly what you're looking for by searching several engines at once.

With thousands of web rings devoted to nearly every conceivable subject and interest, this is a great place to start if you're looking for mass collections of information on specific topics. You may want to join a few yourself!

Unique category listings refine your search. Check it out here.

Yahoo! Usenet E-mail addresses

And try this Yahoo! How-To, a tutorial for web surfers.



...searching for newsgroups

CyberFiber Newsgroups Directory and Search
My personal favorite for newsgroups. Try it here.

And Or Searches over 22,000 newsgroups

Usenet Newsgroup Heirarchies


...software sites and archives
Oh, for more memory! There's never enough for all the great software out there. Here are my favorite sites for freeware and shareware along with my selections for the most indispensible programs to enhance your web experience:

Adobe Acrobat Free Reader [Get Acrobat Reader]
A must have for reading thousands of documents on the Web.

Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus
Everyone connected to the Internet needs virus protection.

Happy Puppy
The definitive site for game seekers.

Macromedia Shockwave [Get Shockwave]
Everyone needs Shockwave!

An indispensible plug-in from Apple. You need it everywhere.

Download RealPlayer or RealPlayer Plus
You have to have it to see video on ABCNews.com.

"The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software." Really.

WinFiles.com [Visit WinFiles.com Now!]
A friendly site where you'll find lots of great stuff for Win95/98/NT. They also have an informative email newsletter to which I subscribe.

WinZip WinZip Now
A necessary utility for zipped files. Accept no substitutes.

ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
Numero Uno for Windows and Mac software.


...resources for web designers
If I can do it, you can do it, too! Here are some beginner-friendly sites I've found especially helpful:

The 10 Commandments of HTML
Part "tongue in cheek." All true. How true.

The Bare Bones Guide To HTML
A complete reference to all the HTML tags that is kept well updated and available in two dozen languages. Very impressive.

The Copyright Website
"Launched on May Day 95, this site seeks to encourage discourse and invite solutions to the myriad of copyright tangles that currently permeate the Web;" ...and it does a darn good job! If you ever wondered about copyrights on the Web, visit this site.

Dan's Web Tips
Clear insight and invaluable information not available elsewhere that I've personally found to be indispensable on creating logical, user-friendly HTML documents.

Desktop Publishing
This is a About.com site maintained by About.com Guide, Jacci Howard Bear, packed with useful information and resources about all aspects of desktop publishing and design.

The JavaScript Source [The JavaScript Source]
Hundreds of free JavaScripts for your pages, just cut and paste!

Netscape's Open Studio
Netscape's info-packed web development resource is comprehensive, well organized, and you can even personalize it. Highly recommended.

The Other RGB Color Chart
A handy dandy chart for deciphering those hexadecimal codes for colors.

VisiBone Webmasters Color Lab
A 216 color webmaster's palette where you can see how colors will look and mix up any number of palettes. It's fun; check it out.

All the basics to help you develop a web site in one convenient location.

Web Pages That Suck
A fun, must visit for serious web designers. This site tells it like it is.

Writing Accessible HTML Documents
This government site offers guidelines in creating documents that are accessible by everyone, including disabled users.



...graphics and sounds

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe is synonymous with excellence, and this is the best image program around bar none. In conjunction with Adobe PageMaker (my favorite and "the world's leading page layout software"), it makes desktop publishing a breeze.

The Animation Factory [The Animation Factory]
One of the best free graphics sites on the net, with thousands of high quality images, dozens of links to other image sites, and lots more.

Free Graphics
A searchable database of the best free graphics on the web.

GIF Construction Set
A useful tool for creating your own GIFs.

Kasaci's Free Graphic Pages for Amateur Web Designers
Actually a web design resource complete with a simple HTML tutorial, JAVA applets, RGB color info, and hundreds of links to web design information and graphics.

Paint Shop Pro
Used by many as a less costly alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro is very user-friendly and great for beginners. I have it handy on my desktop to quickly create a graphic or alter an image in a jiffy.

A huge collection geared more toward rock 'n roll.

Wav Central: The Premiere Sound Site
The source for every conceivable sound clip you can think of.


...web resources and organizations
I've found these to be most helpful:

Viewable With Any Browser Campaign [Viewable With Any Browser Campaign]
Seeking to create universal, user-friendly documents that are viewable with any browser.

[The HTML Writers Guild]

The HTML Writers Guild
HWG is the largest international organization of World Wide Web designers and houses an incredible resource library geared toward all skill levels. Basic membership is free and open to anyone with a desire to improve or perfect their skills in the craft of web design.

A source of information on just about any topic you can think of and a highly popular interactive site.

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
"The W3C was founded in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability."
Translation: They're working toward keeping us all on the same page and better able to communicate worldwide via standardized document coding. This is the definitive web resource for HTML.

[ZD Net]

My favorite source for everything. An information and software powerhouse.





...useful resources for readers and writers
As a confirmed "wordie," (and yes, I'm also a "foodie") I couldn't leave out my favorite reference sites!

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

"The book industry's most comprehensive and thorough online information source" and one of my Top 10 Favorite Sites on the Web.

Encyclopaedia Britannica finally came online, and it's a great site!

Common Errors In English
One of my biggest pet peeves is mispelled words and improper English. When I need to be soothed, I visit the pages of Paul Brians, Professor of English, at Washington State University. He also has a Serious Links page that's in a word, serious.

The King's English
If you truly want your words to be concise, consult this 1908 text, brought to the Internet by Columbia University.

The Internet Public Library
The first public library of the Internet. Tons of information on every conceivable subject (perfect for students) and no late fees.

The Library of Congress
Sigh. To have had this kind of access 25 years ago! It's so wonderful I could cry. Sniff. I think I will.

Merriam-Webster Online
Not just a dictionary, it's also a fun, interactive web site! Wordies will enjoy the Word Game of the Day (have a hand-held dictionary handy).

MLA Style
For serious writers: The only guidelines on MLA documentation style available on the Internet that are authorized by the Modern Language Association of America.

OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder
Over 200 dictionaries indexed and fully searchable.

Roget's Internet Thesaurus



...news on the web, a media wonderland
If you like to read and keep up with current events as much as I do, you'll love these links to some of the best media sites on the net:


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